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When Dylan was diagnosed with ASC 11 years ago, I had never felt more alone and afraid. So many questions kept me awake at night. If something happened to me, then what would happen to Dylan? Would he walk or talk? Make friends? Live an independent life?

I decided the best way forward was to do everything I could to help my child live their best possible life.


I began extensively researching everything there is to know about ASC, from therapy, processes, autism-friendly home spaces and regulating. This led to my book, YouTube channel and now my mentorship program.

No one knows your child better than you - you truly are their best teacher. I am here to instil the belief that you can do this.


My mentorship program helps parents with all aspects of their autism journey and provides the tools to help you and your child. My goal is to help others, like me, on this journey to ensure that no one else feels the way I did in those early years. 

I am here to listen to any problem areas you're experiencing with your child and assist with a way forward. I am here to support parents emotionally and be a friend who understands what you are going through in what can feel like your darkest hour. 


Through tried and tested methods and therapies (and admittedly some disasters along the way) and completing my Mentoring Course, I am now confident and ready to help others by offering one-to-one sessions via zoom.

So, whether you are looking to learn more about your Neurodiverse child and ways to help them live their best life, or you are just in need of some support, coping methods or advice, then please reach out and let's book a session together.


 I already can't wait to work with you! 

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Extracted from an article in Shwashwi Sunday News: 

Nandi Madida, who is married to Grammy Award winner Zakes Bantwini, said she has been blessed to have found a soul sister in Tara Leniston.  Leniston is an Irish actress and author of Coming Home to Autism, a book where she chronicles her life with her Autistic son. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated to the condition.

"I fortunately, bumped into her [Tara Leniston] powerful YouTube page during a time of absolute confusion and just feeling overwhelmed by my child’s Autism diagnosis and was trying to find information on how I could be the best mother to two amazing neurodivergent children. At that time I didn’t know that I was neurodivergent myself and officially received my ADHD diagnosis last year.

I would instantly feel that everything will be OK. I felt a sense of ease and understanding when watching her [Tara's] videos. But also very empowered and motivated as a mother"

Read the full article here.

- Nandi Madida, Media Personality and Singer

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